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About us

Polysan AD is wholly private company founded in 2004. It is located in Ruse at the premises of “Heavy Machine-building Combine” AD in liquidation. The company has specialized its production activity in two directions:

» Bitumen, bitumen products and moisture-proof rolled materials on bitumen base. 
» Vessel and boiler fuels. 

MODERN AND COMPETITIVE PRODUCTION - We invest in modernization and expansion of production because our goal is to produce in accordance with world standards in favourable economic environment. 

DIVERSITY OF THE PRODUCTS - We meet the needs of our customers by creating technological conditions for manufacturing of new products meeting the market’s requirements.
  QUALITY - We have a firm intension to offer to our customers products and services of best quality according to the world standards. 

» Development of energy-saving working processes.
» Production activities in accordance with the requirements of the international standards of environment protection. 

» Common projects with local authorities.
» Cooperation with education and social 

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